jackpot pokies online can make you rich

Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Fans who appreciate online pokies and want to play them with real money will soon find themselves at an online casino. Here you will find in most cases the game category “Jackpot” and there you can find a particularly nice number of pokies, video pokies and classic pokies that have progressive jackpots. The none at the top of the list are particularly popular, as the player has a chance of winning at least AUD 1 million. And who wouldn’t want to become a millionaire in one fell swoop after a spin of the reels? They seem to be the most popular online casino games, but they have both advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will go into this in more detail.

Ascending Jackpot

You can recognise a progressive jackpot game by the fact that there is at least one jackpot meter in the game screen and the amount is increasing in real time. In fact, especially with video pokies you will often see at least 3 meters with names such as “Mega Jackpot”, “Major Jackpot” and “Mini Jackpot”. The increase in amounts is due to the fact that a fixed percentage of each real money bet is used to replenish the meters. The percentage can be as low as 8%. In other words, if you have bet 10 dollars as a player on a progressive jackpot game, you have contributed around 80 cents to the “pot”. In fact, you often see that it can happen very quickly and that is because the games in question are, as it were, linked together. If we look at a very popular pokie like Mega Fortune as an example. This was developed by casino game provider NetEnt and almost every online casino offers games from NetEnt. In this case, the linkage applies to all online casinos that offer Mega Fortune. With thousands of people gambling on this video pokie every day, it is not surprising that the “Mega Jackpot” can amount to several million dollars. By the way, NetEnt calls this system “Pooled Jackpot” and is equal as an administrator. In addition, they also develop so-called “Local Jackpot” games, and here the chain is limited to a single online casino. You can recognise these by the usually low amounts to be won.

The Odds of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

If we look at the average RTP (Return To Player) percentage of online pokies and pokies, it is usually around 97%. This means that of all real money bets, only 3% is retained for costs, winnings, and so on. So you can conclude that the odds of winning are quite high, as on average for every 100 dollars you wager you will only lose 3 dollars. Of course, this is not entirely realistic, because the fixed RTP percentage is based on millions of rounds of play and the high cash prizes that are paid out are also taken into account. And in order to be able to pay out a top prize of AUD 100 000, for example, a lot of loss rounds are needed.

For pokies and pokies that have a progressive jackpot, you can almost always count on an RTP of around 97%, but this includes the jackpot (or more). Looking at the previously mentioned 8% percentage of each bet used to replenish the meter(s), you can actually count on an RTP of around 89% regardless of the progressive jackpot. In other words, around 89% of all bets are used for the regular winnings payouts. Why is this important…? The chance of winning a progressive jackpot of at least AUD 1 million is simply extremely small. Mega Fortune has paid out about 16 times at least one million in the last 10 years and of those 16 times one player from Australia was the lucky one. The other winners came from other countries.

Play tips

Of course, it is always nice to have a chance of winning a few million dollars by opting for a casino game that has a progressive jackpot. The odds may be very small, but “not shot is always wrong”. But let us mention some playing tips: First of all, it is always important to look carefully at the requirements. If, for example, a minimum stake is needed in order to have a chance. Particularly with classic pokies you see that you have to play with the maximum bet level. Also check the pay table or info page in the game screen to see how you can win the jackpot. Do you need to activate a bonus game first or do you need certain symbols on the middle win line? With this knowledge you can consciously or unconsciously choose to play with all win lines activated.

Closing Thoughts

Do you have a modest playing budget of, for example, 10 to 25 dollars at your disposal? If so, don’t opt for the pokies or pokies that have a progressive jackpot. It’s better not to play without them, as the average payout percentage is still quite high. If necessary, only use your profits for a chance of millions. And perhaps the most important tip: Play consciously! Taking a guess at its time is fun, but make sure it stays fun.